Dear GOOGLE, Give back my email!

…just long enough for me to change the interac, MagicJack, carolastro, lionsbrand and Minds. Four emails as a poet, writer, and business hopeful with pseudonyms as appropriate worked for me for years. But since 2016 each time I log in from a different computer I get screwed. Where are my original security questions? How do I know if it was 2004 or 2008 that I started THIS gmail account, let alone what month. Absurd for you to consider that question as appropriate. It is a far cry from what colour my first car was.

No, I’m not giving you my phone number and first born. It’s email, not Fort Knox! But the punishment for not integrating EVERYTHING for your tracking convenience is stepped-up harassment, data confiscation and PSYOPS aimed at intimidating me into conforming.

So, changing my password is the last straw. I wrote it down. I wrote ALL of them down. Now, as I use a VPN for my privacy I am basking in the weeks old punishment for trying to access my bank transfer of the 26th while in the middle of a move. So, a fresh computer login, no VPN and two attempts at my password (my book was packed and Thunderbird was on my computer. Mmm, says Google,

“Bingo! Lets see if she cracks this time. We can REALLY milk this one. Just tell her (after compromising her data) that we don’t recognizer her.”

Well, I’m here to tell you who I am. I’m the semi-geek, eyes open, wide-awake muckraker that has watched you write the algorithms that are now hanging you as their tangles trip you up. Others know your game and your insidious hold will now be released as we stand up recognizing that you are not the only game in town. Nor are you the most convenient anymore.

Just because your service is supposedly free, does not mean we haven’t paid for it in more than just your harassment. No other service has the security obstacles that you do. And they haven’t been compromised.

Then, there is the case where other users have no problem getting a reset sans phone number and faxing 2 pieces of ID. Get real. Are you simply trying to see how much abuse your oldest members are willing to take?

Now, kindly send me a password reset. You have done it before. You know who I am. and I have tried to log in from my original computer. Stop fucking with me. Let me access my money and move accounts. I will take my data and leave you.

You do not have permission to access my privacy or my data.

Thank you for your patience and consideration. I’m sure you have been much more abusive to others than to this old woman with rectified memory issues. I am simply writing you with all the dignity I can muster at this moment. Set me free with my data, set me free…


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Solemnity of New Years

I put on my white herder robes; in my heart.
Briefly, but frequent.
And then my clipboard returned a gift
What I recognized was instant and deep.
Profoundly solemn.
down, yet not mired.
Inspired while laying out
projects of the new cycle
like an altar,
lit from within,
a combustive reflection
of something greater.
There, as for grace,
no beginnings and
memories crash and seep.
Ah, dream gimel
of the
whatwillbe is nowbeen
and the Isnowbeen
Overlooking All.

Casey Teeter ©2017 All Rights Reserved
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Privacy – Something To Hide?

When I hink of privacy, I think of things like changing clothes, checking my weight and going pee when my brothers wanted to get in to the bathroom.

Privacy is respecting something that is not your business. What’s in my lingerie is frankly none of your business, unless I invite you for a share in dress-up. So, when my iPad snapped a pic at dusk one day after a visit to the US I was quite miffed. Exactly 30 seconds later it snapped again. Keep in mind the iPad was off, prepped with tomorrows alarm, and resting on the night stand. Harmless? Those photos were transmitted and deleted – no evidence. Hmm. Nobody on the other end of a program is going to get a chuckle at my privacy’s expense.

Then, after a trip to the US, my digital camera; in its case, in a book bag, dangling from my arm starts recording audio as I enter my front door and place the bag on a chair. There it rested for the remainder of the evening. I found the file months later as I noticed an unusual folder containing the file of exactly 15 minutes and listened. Hmm. Had I been using the OEM program, it would have never been noticed.  Uncomfortable yet?

Nothing to hide? I’m old and marred enough to scare children, so no, my privacy is not for sale.

Hmm, selling my privacy? How did that happen without my vote? When was I informed and where is the opt-out clause? Who do these elected and foreign officials think they are. By circumventing laws using legalese clauses edicts are being set forth for decades now. Funny how governments can change everything with an army backing a useless piece of paper willing themselves priviledge and power. Such a huge illusion woven over the centuries.

WordPress, Thank you. Taking a stand and assuring writers that you respect us is huge in these times. Now, help us go forward and assure the laws or edicts that infringe on our copywrights are battled on the larger front that is challenging the intent of our sovreignity over our creations.

Privacy is the first defense of our personal property – leading with Our Person. It is to be respected. Not hiding, just respecting.

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Buck Up, Sissies, Something isn’t rotting in Denmark!

Ever think Windows update KB890830 June ’17 is ‘them’ patching for a malware ‘they’ created to grab last minute funding for crypto before they crash that, too? (How much did they gleen from Project Paperclip as it became MK-ultra’s and the ilk?) Did E. Bernay-coached MS/Gates Foundation define the start of WCRY for further funding in the purging of Africa and sealing the Suez (oops, endgame…)?

Oh, I have so many more questions yearning to be spoken for the salvation of the Soul of humanity. (I am downloading the patch.)

So, if I’m only 80% organic, pickled, older and remember the library before punch cards went breath-borning internet-babies gaming in utero, I can I say I’m ‘in’ as naps of gestation are docked from my pay?

Are we asking enough questions as aerosol particulate clouds have been added to the CORE curriculum? And why don’t they just say they are mitigating gales off the Alaska coastine? Oh, they’ll have to admit they are the true cause of the California drought for the last 9 years…shhhh, don’t wake the Californians. They’re sleeping. Yes, I studied.

And, since the Danites swore to take the tribes of Israel/Abraham down from within, is that not what is happening before our eyes? The Zionist has killed Israeli to Serb to secure the canal. Now they are wiping out the white man – the only competition for their rule and the sole party to their destruction – however ignorant in our bliss.

No, the consipiacy did not start last month! The Danite, Khazarian, Zionist Banker/Queen and knight have dictated and written history as they steal our children, or just their minds.

Give my head a shake. I read the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert A. Wilson (c. Berkley U) when I was twenty. Since I wanted to be a minister at 15 with my photographic memory(then) confirmed the fiction to be the ‘presentation’ of the intention of the elders that had to be made known publicly. JFK knew it. Trump knows it. Still standing there?

I took photos of this tP1040562rio of tomatoes this week. You tell me if this is natural. Sprouting out the side? Not rotting, molding, squishing? Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Are we still clear that Agenda 21 regemens, Iron Mountain edicts, WHO famines, UN anilhilations, FDA depletions, CDC infections, all…and CONFECTIONS sweetening the holocost of humanity. Notice the only options are pain pills or  anti-depressants?

Biblically taking us down from within. We’re just a genetic manipulation anyway with chromasomal fusion at hand that will lead us to a greater longevity in the same moment we are in line of the Alphabet Soup firing squad.

I’m forever a woman, testosterone sexy bred North American beauty and life has been full. I am thinking now we are due for the cull. For if you don’t see the dangers from DQ pulled pork to a plastic spork, far be it for me to elicit a smile. I’m just the one across the road refusing to do that again…

It ain’t pretty. The world is a mess. Lets try integrity and kindness for a start. Or maybe a rememberance (safety in numbers, leave no man behind).

Someone recently told me that it’s shit everywhere. Duh, I’m a greener grass kinda girl and it takes a billboard to get me moving on what I see going on around me…I’m moving.

Are you? How about a move toward something Great! Best pull up your bootstraps!

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No Neck, Political Correct

You’re politically correct, but you have no neck
and I’m at a loss how to help you.
For language, you see
Is not PC

Descriptors are adjectives
Words to describe
He, she and it
help us survive
Cannot refute
now made mute

You’re politically correct, but you have no neck
how can I ask to help you?

Powers that Be
Don’t want me to see
naught but the imperfection
When simplicity is
with love we give
not with judgment in words

You’re politically correct, but you have no neck
You’re at a loss how to seek me.

Confounding our herds
the “now of no words”
Born in this time
Best for mime
For language has died
by PC and lies

Time now to hide
A greater divide
Tearing our sharing down
Grunts and groans
We are back to whats known
As Precambrian tomes

You’re politically correct, but you have no neck
and I’m at a loss how to help you.

For words, you see
Can’t be used by me
Language has turned PC
PC limits, PC binds
PC occupies our minds
I’m Gay, I’m black
Cannot take it back

I have no boundaries,
I have no ties
No Family in life
I am anomaly and
a lot of me
run you blind
Unbind the bind,
old and feeble,
Weeblers all.
Here my call:

You are colour, you are plain,
We walk the same in our hearts
Not everyone is art
Grant freedom to those expleting
A greater meaning
Over beating me up

You’re politically correct, but you have no neck
and I’m at a loss how to help you.

By Cathy R. Taylor Croizier ©2017 All Rights Reserved 

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Change is the Only Constant

“Sharing is caring, and caring is nice.”

So said a co-worker many decades ago. I loved and adopted that quip. Many will remember me by that; and so much more.

An evening of honest perspective from an offended (growing) part of the population is enough to swear off walking – as not to kill a favourite garden creature. Oh yes, we can carry that one too close to the line and jockey for an imaginary position claiming our correctness.

We now offend other human beings in the name of all others and the species who chose manufactured expression and a society that cannot accept reality is bigger than the frame they choose to keep over their halo…that small portrait

Gimme your best, with plenty of room to ruminate. I’m a bit slow, but I can catch up.

Siriusly, the pain of those who suffer and those who whimper is blurred in perspective. Some whimper due to a birthday present being their favourite perfume instead of the ‘contemporary popular’ scent (me here as TSA stole 2 bottles of Paloma Picasso instead of dumping shampoo, duh?). Others whimper when the last straw is their only shoe or their only child. When its your only remaining child, what then? Oh, honour these beggars of spotlight as their feast. They have not found the expression that brings satisfaction – recognition. Maybe.

Why? When your reserves are drawn taut, does the test bend your knee? Why, in hopes they may join our collective humane existence. Sadly, humans are not necessarily ‘humane’.

Then, when you share your wounds, you are discounted for still being strong and ridiculed for seeing the greater understanding of your professionals, your confessionals and rationals. Betrayed confidences? Novices you all. So.

Look where the critics look. Look where you link, dream, and explore. You are there for answers. It will change you. You will change you. Keep going, Change IS the only constant.

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Tomi’s Call for Compassion and VA Shake Up

Watching Tomi Lahren shouting out final thoughts like she’s packing a six-shooter high upon a saddle has become a regular jolt to my long-time awake. She doesn’t miss much and will make you look as well. Her no nonsense logic calls your compassion and common sense to listen up!

Today, I saw the clip on the Veteran’s Administration neglect. And neglect is far too mild a word for the cruelty portrayed in one still photo. I have heard stories for decades of the abuses. My father, Grandfather, Uncles, Sweetheart, Sister, and Brother.

Here I must address the silent members of the wounded that are seldom in the VA. They don’t make it that far.

These are the proud, tough Marines that came home with little or no physical wounds to show. These veterans have been used as targets for mental, emotional, spiritual and chemical atrocities levied at the hands of the New World Order for 70 years. Sniper, Master Sargent: Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Iraq and now numerous places around the globe.

These men came home and swallowed their pain and suffered denials of symptoms all too real. The VA told them there was nothing wrong. All that was left was to self-medicate and survive. The cruelty of ‘ignore’ is heavily laced with discounting of soul. What happens then?

I’ll tell you, they lash out like small children with the cries of a broken heart without the words to make sense. Who do they turn to? Spouses, children, and any authority within inches of their rage.

We, in turn, become the casualties of war. We of little use against an invisible enemy.

The Military Industrial Complex sends these shattered, denied land mines into our homes and hearts without preparing us or them for the subsequent wounds.

When will the families rise and claim the necessity of tools for their own safety. Honoring the soldier, healing the wounds, protecting the families are simple things to ask for before watching a career, a marriage or a life end at the hands of the wounded soul.

We ALL still have something to offer, let us prevent the shrapnel from bringing the war to our American hearths. Please, stop the conflicts with no rules.

Heal the wounded from the wounded as well – we only wanted to help. And we still love them. We must change the legacy. Now.

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