Buck Up, Sissies, Something isn’t rotting in Denmark!

Ever think Windows update KB890830 June ’17 is ‘them’ patching for a malware ‘they’ created to grab last minute funding for crypto before they crash that, too? (How much did they gleen from Project Paperclip as it became MK-ultra’s and the ilk?) Did E. Bernay-coached MS/Gates Foundation define the start of WCRY for further funding in the purging of Africa and sealing the Suez (oops, endgame…)?

Oh, I have so many more questions yearning to be spoken for the salvation of the Soul of humanity. (I am downloading the patch.)

So, if I’m only 80% organic, pickled, older and remember the library before punch cards went breath-borning internet-babies gaming in utero, I can I say I’m ‘in’ as naps of gestation are docked from my pay?

Are we asking enough questions as aerosol particulate clouds have been added to the CORE curriculum? And why don’t they just say they are mitigating gales off the Alaska coastine? Oh, they’ll have to admit they are the true cause of the California drought for the last 9 years…shhhh, don’t wake the Californians. They’re sleeping. Yes, I studied.

And, since the Danites swore to take the tribes of Israel/Abraham down from within, is that not what is happening before our eyes? The Zionist has killed Israeli to Serb to secure the canal. Now they are wiping out the white man – the only competition for their rule and the sole party to their destruction – however ignorant in our bliss.

No, the consipiacy did not start last month! The Danite, Khazarian, Zionist Banker/Queen and knight have dictated and written history as they steal our children, or just their minds.

Give my head a shake. I read the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert A. Wilson (c. Berkley U) when I was twenty. Since I wanted to be a minister at 15 with my photographic memory(then) confirmed the fiction to be the ‘presentation’ of the intention of the elders that had to be made known publicly. JFK knew it. Trump knows it. Still standing there?

I took photos of this tP1040562rio of tomatoes this week. You tell me if this is natural. Sprouting out the side? Not rotting, molding, squishing? Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Are we still clear that Agenda 21 regemens, Iron Mountain edicts, WHO famines, UN anilhilations, FDA depletions, CDC infections, all…and CONFECTIONS sweetening the holocost of humanity. Notice the only options are pain pills or  anti-depressants?

Biblically taking us down from within. We’re just a genetic manipulation anyway with chromasomal fusion at hand that will lead us to a greater longevity in the same moment we are in line of the Alphabet Soup firing squad.

I’m forever a woman, testosterone sexy bred North American beauty and life has been full. I am thinking now we are due for the cull. For if you don’t see the dangers from DQ pulled pork to a plastic spork, far be it for me to elicit a smile. I’m just the one across the road refusing to do that again…

It ain’t pretty. The world is a mess. Lets try integrity and kindness for a start. Or maybe a rememberance (safety in numbers, leave no man behind).

Someone recently told me that it’s shit everywhere. Duh, I’m a greener grass kinda girl and it takes a billboard to get me moving on what I see going on around me…I’m moving.

Are you? How about a move toward something Great! Best pull up your bootstraps!

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