Privacy – Something To Hide?

When I hink of privacy, I think of things like changing clothes, checking my weight and going pee when my brothers wanted to get in to the bathroom.

Privacy is respecting something that is not your business. What’s in my lingerie is frankly none of your business, unless I invite you for a share in dress-up. So, when my iPad snapped a pic at dusk one day after a visit to the US I was quite miffed. Exactly 30 seconds later it snapped again. Keep in mind the iPad was off, prepped with tomorrows alarm, and resting on the night stand. Harmless? Those photos were transmitted and deleted – no evidence. Hmm. Nobody on the other end of a program is going to get a chuckle at my privacy’s expense.

Then, after a trip to the US, my digital camera; in its case, in a book bag, dangling from my arm starts recording audio as I enter my front door and place the bag on a chair. There it rested for the remainder of the evening. I found the file months later as I noticed an unusual folder containing the file of exactly 15 minutes and listened. Hmm. Had I been using the OEM program, it would have never been noticed.  Uncomfortable yet?

Nothing to hide? I’m old and marred enough to scare children, so no, my privacy is not for sale.

Hmm, selling my privacy? How did that happen without my vote? When was I informed and where is the opt-out clause? Who do these elected and foreign officials think they are. By circumventing laws using legalese clauses edicts are being set forth for decades now. Funny how governments can change everything with an army backing a useless piece of paper willing themselves priviledge and power. Such a huge illusion woven over the centuries.

WordPress, Thank you. Taking a stand and assuring writers that you respect us is huge in these times. Now, help us go forward and assure the laws or edicts that infringe on our copywrights are battled on the larger front that is challenging the intent of our sovreignity over our creations.

Privacy is the first defense of our personal property – leading with Our Person. It is to be respected. Not hiding, just respecting.

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