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Buck Up, Sissies, Something isn’t rotting in Denmark!

Ever think Windows update KB890830 June ’17 is ‘them’ patching for a malware ‘they’ created to grab last minute funding for crypto before they crash that, too? (How much did they gleen from Project Paperclip as it became MK-ultra’s and … Continue reading

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No Neck, Political Correct

You’re politically correct, but you have no neck and I’m at a loss how to help you. For language, you see Is not PC Descriptors are adjectives Words to describe He, she and it help us survive Cannot refute now … Continue reading

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A Chemtrail Christmas Eve

Little do they know our DNA is adapting and changing. It’s time to let in more light. So here it is. In living in the Christ Light, we no longer fear their oppression. We are changing it. Voting with voice. … Continue reading

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