Tomi’s Call for Compassion and VA Shake Up

Watching Tomi Lahren shouting out final thoughts like she’s packing a six-shooter high upon a saddle has become a regular jolt to my long-time awake. She doesn’t miss much and will make you look as well. Her no nonsense logic calls your compassion and common sense to listen up!

Today, I saw the clip on the Veteran’s Administration neglect. And neglect is far too mild a word for the cruelty portrayed in one still photo. I have heard stories for decades of the abuses. My father, Grandfather, Uncles, Sweetheart, Sister, and Brother.

Here I must address the silent members of the wounded that are seldom in the VA. They don’t make it that far.

These are the proud, tough Marines that came home with little or no physical wounds to show. These veterans have been used as targets for mental, emotional, spiritual and chemical atrocities levied at the hands of the New World Order for 70 years. Sniper, Master Sargent: Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Iraq and now numerous places around the globe.

These men came home and swallowed their pain and suffered denials of symptoms all too real. The VA told them there was nothing wrong. All that was left was to self-medicate and survive. The cruelty of ‘ignore’ is heavily laced with discounting of soul. What happens then?

I’ll tell you, they lash out like small children with the cries of a broken heart without the words to make sense. Who do they turn to? Spouses, children, and any authority within inches of their rage.

We, in turn, become the casualties of war. We of little use against an invisible enemy.

The Military Industrial Complex sends these shattered, denied land mines into our homes and hearts without preparing us or them for the subsequent wounds.

When will the families rise and claim the necessity of tools for their own safety. Honoring the soldier, healing the wounds, protecting the families are simple things to ask for before watching a career, a marriage or a life end at the hands of the wounded soul.

We ALL still have something to offer, let us prevent the shrapnel from bringing the war to our American hearths. Please, stop the conflicts with no rules.

Heal the wounded from the wounded as well – we only wanted to help. And we still love them. We must change the legacy. Now.

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