Change is the Only Constant

“Sharing is caring, and caring is nice.”

So said a co-worker many decades ago. I loved and adopted that quip. Many will remember me by that; and so much more.

An evening of honest perspective from an offended (growing) part of the population is enough to swear off walking – as not to kill a favourite garden creature. Oh yes, we can carry that one too close to the line and jockey for an imaginary position claiming our correctness.

We now offend other human beings in the name of all others and the species who chose manufactured expression and a society that cannot accept reality is bigger than the frame they choose to keep over their halo…that small portrait

Gimme your best, with plenty of room to ruminate. I’m a bit slow, but I can catch up.

Siriusly, the pain of those who suffer and those who whimper is blurred in perspective. Some whimper due to a birthday present being their favourite perfume instead of the ‘contemporary popular’ scent (me here as TSA stole 2 bottles of Paloma Picasso instead of dumping shampoo, duh?). Others whimper when the last straw is their only shoe or their only child. When its your only remaining child, what then? Oh, honour these beggars of spotlight as their feast. They have not found the expression that brings satisfaction – recognition. Maybe.

Why? When your reserves are drawn taut, does the test bend your knee? Why, in hopes they may join our collective humane existence. Sadly, humans are not necessarily ‘humane’.

Then, when you share your wounds, you are discounted for still being strong and ridiculed for seeing the greater understanding of your professionals, your confessionals and rationals. Betrayed confidences? Novices you all. So.

Look where the critics look. Look where you link, dream, and explore. You are there for answers. It will change you. You will change you. Keep going, Change IS the only constant.

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