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Privacy – Something To Hide?

When I hink of privacy, I think of things like changing clothes, checking my weight and going pee when my brothers wanted to get in to the bathroom. Privacy is respecting something that is not your business. What’s in my … Continue reading

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Buck Up, Sissies, Something isn’t rotting in Denmark!

Ever think Windows update KB890830 June ’17 is ‘them’ patching for a malware ‘they’ created to grab last minute funding for crypto before they crash that, too? (How much did they gleen from Project Paperclip as it became MK-ultra’s and … Continue reading

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No Neck, Political Correct

You’re politically correct, but you have no neck and I’m at a loss how to help you. For language, you see Is not PC Descriptors are adjectives Words to describe He, she and it help us survive Cannot refute now … Continue reading

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Change is the Only Constant

“Sharing is caring, and caring is nice.” So said a co-worker many decades ago. I loved and adopted that quip. Many will remember me by that; and so much more. An evening of honest perspective from an offended (growing) part … Continue reading

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Tomi’s Call for Compassion and VA Shake Up

Watching Tomi Lahren shouting out final thoughts like she’s packing a six-shooter high upon a saddle has become a regular jolt to my long-time awake. She doesn’t miss much and will make you look as well. Her no nonsense logic … Continue reading

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The Woman Who Wanted to Go Home

March on the coast was cool and cloudy. Isolated and damaged, she waited again for her sister to visit as promised for the last 3 years. Then the attack happened, internet intermittent and communications screeched to a grind. Her face … Continue reading

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Red Radio Button

By Cathy R. Taylor Croizier ©2017 Casey Teeter All Rights Reserved I wake in cold sweat terror from the red of the radio button in front of me waiting recording my vote forever Sisters of Another M… Source: Red Radio … Continue reading

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