Dating A Conspiracy Factist-Over Fifty?

Awake? Check. Informed? Check. Well researched? Check. Discerning? Check. Now add single, over 50 and wanting to date. Check. No luck, double-check! What gives? I’m a poet, intellect, historian, researcher, cook, artist, geek, musician, sister, mother and more. I like to grow my own food with the herbs just outside the door. I have studied and practiced (in moderation) longevity awareness since very young. Oh, and I can be funny, witty and even silly – I am a Virgo/Dog like Sophia Loren and love the classic comedy. Canadiana.

Decades of being labeled conspiracy theorist is over as the awareness now past critical mass – or the 100th monkey phenomenon. Its been conspiracy fact now being exposed on the highest levels world-wide.

So what is wrong with this picture in meeting someone new? In saying that I stay informed on politics; they question with the word ‘elites’. If I note my interest in science and physics, I receive no further correspondence. It goes on and I’m sure the only statement that would generate interest is: I cook, clean, sew and screw like Quadishtu (i.e. sacred slut). However, that is just a drop in the bucket and being someone’s silent sex slave is just plain boring. I may be a ‘factist’, but I’m sooo much more.

Anyone over 50 might get it, and those nearing 60 or 70 see the difficulties in meeting unreal expectations of the opposite sex, not to mention of opposite views. If you are historically well versed in politics, religion and sex it can be very intimidating to those choosing the simple life. I almost envy them that choice. As a teen I wanted to be a minister, but abhorring dogma, that was not to be my destiny. Instead I chose Admin/IT as my field and that led to becoming an editor, researcher and geek working with governments/institutions in three countries.

I love to learn. That can be a problem. You see, I learned that generally, men want to be smarter. Not a problem when you are young and distracting a man was easier. They can be very adept at turning off your words when those pretty lips start moving, oh my! And, finding a fellow that can appreciate common sense and efficiency in a woman over 50 is dicey.

Then there are the dating sites. I smile to myself in recalling my recent adventurousness into the realm of the online dating profile. How do I not look like a whack job in the intro? One site has a series of survey questions – pretty benign. Another had literally no questions and I presume they wanted my photo to complete the five lines of statistics; height, weight, etc. (I passed on this ‘meat-market’ approach pretty quick.)

So how does one find a lovely chap that just might want a date in time for the holiday season? I’m letting my married lady friends know that I’m ready to start meeting and dating not just to secure a future relationship, but to begin socializing in my community. That’s a start. I think trusting that my friends or yours might just see a blessing in the making.

To any of my friends reading this: If you know an awake, compassionate and accepting soul looking to explore for the next 30-50 years with eyes open, send me the questionnaire. I’d be happy to join the conversation. My hero is out there and I am ready to be found.

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