Get It Together AVAAZ!

Ok, I’m a fan of do-gooders everywhere, but get real.

I have followed AVAAZ from inception. I signed many petitions. However, 2 years ago I watched you sell out.

Now, instead of seeing the real danger of a Clinton administration you are politicizing your platform even more leftist by attacking Trump over the Paris Climate Deal – that is not in place yet. Talk about counting chickens!

Any policies by Trump will have more input by the People than ever before, why don’t you save your rhetoric for something important, like the Paris accord, and REALLY make a difference; like stopping deadly pesticides instead of spending tax money on mini-bee drones. Your absence on heavy issues has been part of my criticism and has proven you pinpoint issues that you can make a difference on – or so you think.

Yes, climate change is real. But, when are you going to do the research (instead of regurgitating policy) and see that the change is Solar System wide – not just by Corporate and natural footprints (that Clinton will perpetuate – look at Standing Rock!). Get educated!

The imperialistic expansion will come to a screeching halt, how ever it ends, it will end. Maybe Trump will slow US down a bit so the world can regroup and re-evaluate what really matters – like, um, co-operation. Inflicting US CORPORATE values in 30 other countries and through the Standing Army of the Obama dictatorship on US soil should really be on your radar. Why is it not? Are you afraid of the force of oppression being aimed at you? Maybe you should re-evaluate your position, intelligence and ability to have an open mind. Trump has these qualities. He has a record of learning from his mistakes where most politicians simply live in lies and denial.

You can tell people not to vote for Trump all you want, but the message is ‘Vote for Clinton’. She is a woman without morals and as one who has had a security clearance and its responsibilities – she is dangerous as well. That is not acceptable in respect to your responsibilities – which you took on willingly. Smarten up!








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