Facebook Demands for ID are Extortion and more…Casey Teeter

So they want my What? Two pieces of official ID, one of which must be photo just to access an account that I read says I am logged into? I can’t get past a security check requesting said ID. And, you can’t search for my account by specific name, either, as my friends tell me. Locked out, extorted and invisible?

Yes, my ID and password are correct. I am logged in and now being ransomed for ID or my birth date. Having chosen a random date for my nom de plume profile created over a decade ago, I have relied on my security questions. No more. Many have done this and now have lost photos, contacts, articles and more. Confiscated and held ransom by the CIA controlled Facebook. I have to question their many other violations, say copyrights.

I have nothing to hide, having been so protective. But, I fall into several categories that deem caution and security necessities. Privacy creates the need for security and they have no right to be in my panty drawer! That’s where they are. Even my iPad, camera and phone take photos and make recordings. You can check the back files to see when (if you do) you connect to your laptop using Explorer and avoid the product software. There are some cute little files in there.

Tell me, are those ads on your page relevant to you? Of course they are. That’s third-party companies using your data. So, do I trust FB with my security as one who needs protection. Most certainly not. Their policies place me in danger and predators in an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Now, beyond extorting my ID, add the harassment of the constant changes making access more difficult for elderly, brain-damaged and vision challenged. Last I checked there are 52 pages of legalese in their policy. It didn’t start that way, ask any long time user. How many rules have you broken since you simply accepted the policy because you simply want to see photos of the family? How long before they shut you down? Those policy changes come at an astonishing rate. It has become a form of torture; mental and emotional abuse. Still plenty of baby-boomers to create a wave on those grounds…any lawyers out there? Input welcome.

A recent search shows individual and class-action legal suits against FB for their use of extortion, privacy violations and shareholder swindling. Wikipedia has a very interesting and thorough page named Criticism of Facebook in which obvious FB or federal attempts to discredit shine clear. Time to clean house.

Last year or so, when a new social network came online, seen.is out of Iceland and protected from the NSA et al, any user posting information or invitations on FB were censored…how’s that for abuse of power?

Just on a brief search with “class action Facebook legal” shows Austria has an ongoing global class suit. The link to the timeline is below. Techcrunch.com has an update from November 23rd 2015. Seems an international mass surveillance law (EJC Safe Harbour) has been violated and the case now sits in Austrian Supreme Court. FB still thinks they can appeal the court as the long arms of oppression – AlCIA duh (that is a hard C as in K), the Feds and corporate lobbyists – are going work their bully tactics by ‘hammering’ a new Safe Harbor agreement.

CIA: can’t beat ’em, change global law. Corporate oligarchy imperialist behaviour. Still, Canada and US are unable to participate in the Austrian suit.

Well, individual countries have rights (up until the ‘boots hit the ground’). US global oppression through compliance is accomplished by steps. One step changes many more. Standing up to Facebook extortion is a step in a direction toward a more simple security. One in which we have more personal control.

Thank goodness the US citizens have learned that constitutionally a sheriff has more power than the Feds and states are enforcing their, OUR, rights. Sad thing is, we will be accountable for the actions of our corporate government. Thankfully, other world powers know We the People are not the enemy and we ourselves are waking up.

Change is coming…hold the hope with a smile and bring forth miracles.

Casey on Issues

Techcrunch November: http://techcrunch.com/2015/11/23/facebook-class-action-privacy-lawsuit-moves-to-austrian-supreme-court/

Austria global info: https://www.fbclaim.com/ui/page/updates

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