Clean is Sexy

Clean is Sexy
Casey Teeter ©2007 All Rights Reserved

Clear of debris
Naught to distract
Carpet calling to lay me down
To drown in your touch

Clean of snags
Your hands glide smooth on lace
I hear only your breath
Your moans of pleasure

Wiped and cleared
The counter is cool against cheek and arms
You press close
I feel your passion

Tidied from chaos
The pristine duvet ripples with breath
And our movement
Rhythmic loving

Graceful and intent
Arm reaches to grasp
Knowing it will find what is sought
Where it ought be

Elegant simplicity
Clear of chaos
Please and relax
No chores to be seen

Sparkling bath
Candles placed
Incense and bubbles
Sleek stepping into soft wet world

Smooth skin
Free of stubble
Feel the tickle of fingertips
Rippling goosebumps to my chin

Eyes washed
Free of dried sleep
Blink without tight distraction
Seeing you smile

Woman’s vision
Soft lights and sweet smells
Sexy is clean and clear
Love sounds to hear

Begone bottles and bags
Clippings and snags
Begone snippets of fluff
Stacks of stuff
Begone dinner delicacy dried
Spatter fried wide
Begone wrapping and waste
Crumpled distaste
Lint on fine lace
Dust out of place
Paint chips and trash
Piles of ash
Begone, begone, begone
Chaos and clutter
I want to utter
Words of love
Seeing sweet memories beyond the remains

Alas, passion fades onto wet rug
Lean to be kissed reach for balance
Passion fades to dried juice…stale popcorn
Passion fades snaged stockings
Silly discomfort over clean
Eyes close to the clutter avoiding a trip.
Sanctuary. White simplicity, soft sheets, empty ceiling

Clean through the day make time for sexy
Shower fresh makeup is on my list
I step into toothpaste, hair spray and piss
Ignore it I say to my mind once again
Start over once more and find sexy within

It’s my desire simple and clean
My choice and my chore for the gleam
How can I ask help when he only sees me
His sexy is revved quite enviously

What pettiness this preening portrays
What shallow pretence displayed

So I crave the tidy, shiny and clear
Prevention is best and I try to adhere
To these simple rules that bring me cheer
Giving me sexy before one tired tear:

Catch it before it falls
Wipe it before it dries
File it before it scrapes
Wash it before it piles
Empty before it fills
Fill before it empties
Remove it before it stains
Scrape before it gets hard
Sweep it before it trails
Stow it before it’s lost
Toss it before it rots
Protect it before it is broken
Respect it before it is gone
Salvage before it is useless
Dust before a crust
Buff before snag
Repair before tears
Finish before seduction
Pace to resolve
Complete before crazy

Take time to sit
So he won’t know
Life changes
Dragonflies have no suitcase of toys
And clean is a state of mind.

Casey Teeter ©2007 All Rights Reserved

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