Casey Teeter ©2007 All Rights Reserved

Shall I feel charm
sweet indulgence
Or charming
sweeter yet
ah, but is to feel both.
that is alive
that is potent
that is now

Closer to pain
to pleasure
to posture
to pose
…to plain


Shall I feel elegance
or merely ancient, ambient
Knowing the dog star is a bus stop (or bust op).

Broad smorgasbord

Well defined by terrain
of heart
of eye
of skin, scent and sense.

I breathe…
my self
my world
my girl, woman, hage, sage, pulse and pineal.

Raining on you,
through you;
mixing, motioning

Feel the rain I am
Be the tree that thirsts with leaves and holds dry ground
haven, havin’ heaven
for the moment of the flow
More frequent
for longer times
Let me stand in

Joyous flow
Drinking Sun
Raining Moon
Breath of both in all

Casey Teeter ’07 c.2007

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