S0’s Big Picture in 6min News of 11/11

Big Picture in 6min News of 11/11

The 6min News today (11/11) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4QYE_2IAy0 was quite comprehensive and inspiring. What a field day of rabbit holes that created. If the electromagnetic spectrum is the foundation for our reality, then we ARE light and sound; particle and wave, eh? OK, too much time belly-up in my Radio Flyer as a child still affects me. I was deliberately raised a trained observer to nurture natural perception. Hard to focus when you observe everything, unless you have a community of peers. The 0bservers are such a community.

I learned young that we didn’t know what electricity was even with our study, use and storage of it. Seeing lightening in the wild stored a belief in me that it held atoms together for all the molecules of my being. I was still a young child and believed this as GOD or as I like, Great Universal Spirit (GUS). Unifying, Us, or μ. Please don’t make the ‘electric universe’ a religion.

There are those that comprehend a belief that the cosmic rays are a part of the process that the systems manifesting and dissolving in our world are reflecting. Is everything ‘as it should be’? How related is this solar maximum/minimum to our passing through the photon belt (if that is happening)? Aren’t there supposed to be more cosmic rays in this part of our journey? Are we being sent love (particles) from Angels (stars)? That’s a romantic thought sparking even more questions to trigger awareness.

What is undeniable is that it’s all connected. May we all continue on the road to comprehension with the Observers (angels?) sharing our comprehension in the radiance of the the leadership we have brought to the table with a STAR like S0 brightly uniting us in our own light and that of each other. Our unity lifts us – whatever that means. Could it be as simple as sharing is caring and caring is nice?

I commend you all for contributing to my loving gratitude of the now – where I have No Fear…more frequently and more sustained.

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