Dedication to NSA
Casey Teeter c. 2013 Fall. All rights reserved.

finally I write
poetic silence
some imposed by self
some taken from my shelf
stolen by the elf called NSA.
how you have violated my people,
my privacy,
my panties and prose
you nose and think you ‘knows’
in manifesting your fears
making tears for years
of prophetic days
making profitic praise
unto your self
sense of ourselves
yes, that plural
of polyprenic presence
in eternal dance
where we all meet
beyond ‘tweet’
where ‘self’ and selves balance
in the holographic toroid
of heart
you are not alone

What is correct
minus right and wrong?
is over-the-fence
worth the fight
when over-the-fence
helps share your light
warms your night
you are not alone
We are all one
geometric math
song and stone

the world watches
percieves the plight
the heart of the planet in everyone
yeah everyone tonight
you are not alone
We are all one song
Breathe with me as one

If there was no coin
who would you be
If you like yourself
I want to see
More of you present
In the present
For we are not alone
the way has been shown
Through the ages
And our sages
When the wisdom was pure
and the profit was poring
pure presence
and gifts of gratitude
adorned our play
each day as our work
and work as our play
so stay and
breathe with me
let courage be
Stand and be seen
Remember 1817
Sorry that was 1871
When DC took the lawn
in the heist the the sovereign
we were not alone
and history repeats
on a larger scale
geologic shale

Look at the sun
for fun and see
Everythings electric
We studied as a child
then a breakdown in theories
created a cloud
to hide from the light
fearing it too bright
Perpetuated lies
we choose to buy
or barter
a starter
for an alternate system
called love and care
for we are not alone
we are neither song or stone
and we are not

Casey Teeter c. 2013 Fall All rights reserved. Permission granted.

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