Toxic TP

Yes, that’s it. Poisoned, perfumed toilet paper is a nasty thing for you and your potty.

Being a health-conscious person, I have used natural toilet paper for many years. I’ve even gone so far as to use recycled, unbleached toilet paper when it is available.

Now, I find myself traveling and at the mercy of other people’s purchases. You can imagine my horror when the toilet paper turns my delicate membrane tissues below into burning flesh. That’s how I found out the toxicity of perfumed toilet paper. Yes, I’m sensitive. But, there are more ‘canaries in the coal mine’ screaming the same thing in society today. Are you one of us?

Since the 50’s, the chemical industry has been using our products as a way to unload  toxic byproducts without having to pay the tax or expense to dispose of their hazardous waste, we find it everywhere. Not only the fluoride in our water (a byproduct of uranium mining for nuclear power) and the radioactive chemicals placed in our tobacco, but the irritants and cancer agents placed in our cleaning products, our makeup, and powdered onto our closing are here to make us the medical business customer.

As corporations run our government, who in turn run us in this oligarchy stage of control, socialism is rapidly degenerating into communism. And what comes along with communism? Mass murder does. We’ve seen it before throughout history and I understand your inability to recall that as these chemicals are sitting in your brain.

It is insidious. It is reality. It is conspiracy fact.

After 35 years of observing the phenomenon of Danite retaliation, I have learned it is historical fact that the Holy Roman Empire is Danite originated and controlled. Okay biblical history. Go back 2500 years and look at the promise the Danites made in the Old Testament regarding taking down of the remaining tribes of Israel. As you travel forward in time, you will find the trail of how the Danites have tried to conquer the remaining tribes of Israel. This is historical fact more than just biblical myth.

Hitler, Lenin, Marx and Stalin all learned the historical trial and error method of controlling others. Now look at the US. States are attempting to secede from the union, elections are rigged, the people are disgruntled and the moneychangers are still seemingly in control.

Let’s go back to the issue. These toxins and solvents are plugging up our immune system defense and blocking any reserves.

How many of you have asthma? How many others around you? Catching the drift yet? We’re CUSTOMERS for the North Amerikan Medical Business. Sold to you by Mr. Clean, Hollywood and Monsanto, amongst others. This is a big business and they’ve learned from WWII that it’s far more profitable to have everyone suffer slowly and bring the cash to the Corporation. That way just taking the gold from your teeth will be the extent of the undertaker’s efforts and he is on the list for Dr. appointments as well.

Join me in thinking a moment of how  to look more closely at the products you buy and consider just who you are supporting or harming with your pocketbook choices. Look at the effects on those around you. Find other options. It only takes a moment, the yellow pages or sharing with a friend to find ways to have a safer world for you and your loved ones.

Frankly, I know we will all survive without perfumed toilet paper. And, some may not with it in their lives.

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