Musings of a Mindless Worker

Musings of a Mindless Worker

© Casey Teeter Fall 1999


Coffee-break guitar in hand

…Poetic dangling participles

….nibble her boot heels

… she throws open the door

Cool molecular moisture

…tickles her face and memory

….scent of cedar and oak

…..poignantly pace the olfactory…

You know, the one by the sea

…where the mist precedes the rain

….cool on the skin and soul

…..washing smell subtle on senses

Skyward searching for signs

…wondering will the rain come

….omens for fullness of moon

…..predicted shooting stars

Dreams and desires fated

…waited upon by degrees in gnosis

….didactic to self evolution

…..guarded between the mist and tree

Guided to the point observed

…by the interpreter to be real

….asking the question again

…..Is the rain the same for you?

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