How Do You Like Me So Far?

After much encouragement, I am beginning to blog. I had set up this site many months ago but reading and editing were very difficult for me. Due to a head injury eight years ago, reading has been very difficult. Recently I have acquired Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I am in training to learn how to speak to my computer

There is much I have to say. Okay so I like to ramble, expound, and definitely get distracted. However, I am feeling more focused with the assistive technology I have just received.

What a delight to have my world open up! I have been living in the dark and quiet for many years now. With my new “hearing aids” and assistive technology, I can learn more effectively than in previous years.

As I get more comfortable with talking to empty air or the computer microphone, now nicknamed Paul, you will be hearing much more from me. I look forward to sharing my wits, quips and concepts in areas such as spiritual awareness, high-level consciousness, and down to earth practices. There may be the odd rant or protest in my dialogues I hope you find them entertaining and educational.

But more than that, I hope you find my words and dialogues inspirational.


Casey Teeter

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