Occupy W.H.O.?

The World Health Organization, that’s who.

How is it that one entity can even begin to comprehend the needs of humanity on a world scale? Include the understanding of its conflicts of interest and you can see the impossibility of a fair perspective. And they want to rule our naturally provided nutrients?

Local environments, cultures and communities needs differ across the board.  How can one small percentage of people resist the God-like power over others. Yes, major conflict from the start.

This notes the desires of monopolies are in conflict with local free markets, they bring in law for regulations in their favor – If you can, take the time to see Zeitgeist Moving Forward. I do applaud the options presented and the influence on micro communities now and upcoming. De-centralizing is so sustainable and keeps a healthy flow of goods to a minimum of waste. How lovely to share local, while never forgetting other communities elsewhere. We’re already Global, aren’t we?

Don’t let me confuse you by sounding socialist. I believe neurosis and psychosis are characteristics out of balance. I believe a healthy dose of moderation and excess are both momentary experiences necessary to a ‘whole’ reality. Aren’t we educated in a variety of subjects? er, well…I know, that’s debatable. Especially when you consider the stop-gap, dysfunctional education system we see starving the minds our youth for decades. That, too, is changing.

Wouldn’t the expense, time and effort that the WHO affects to stop free enterprise and pay penalties was turned to prevention and a healthy world be better spent? How about a complete disassociation of WHO and Big Pharmagra* while you’re at it? Anonymous could help with shedding some light there, eh? Isn’t the groundwork in place ideal for kicking their clean-up divisions and start being productive?

We are stopping useless, ineffective governments and practices by seeing their overall motivations. Yes, it includes learning about the extreme perspectives and choosing a reality from the smorgasbord of options. Be informed. And that means seek alternatives. There’s lots out there, for any situation. We are a maturing population using more than 10% of our brains in spite of the aerosol, food and medicine brain control and mass hallucinations – What is new on the water testing and WHAT happened to Doppler since the weather war ramped up?

We now choose better and choose from an educated mind. The paradigm selected by the established world government can no longer sustain our view. The evolving mind is changing the rules.

Vatican, DC and London are the dying remnants of the Holy Roman Empire. Question is: Are they going underground by joining the revolution? That is the promise and pattern of the Danite Sion movement historically. Keep your eyes open and stay awake. Live wholeheartedly and watch for the pretenders. Let’s get the job done.

I AM creating more light in the world with intention to balance toward zero point. May we all know the peace of middle road.

Blessons, Casey Teeter

* Pharmagra noun. (farm – ag – ra) usage: Monsanto is both pharmaceutical and agricultural – Casey Teeter 2012


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