Atonement and Apology

Maybe a lecture on decorum is due. Maybe the change of heart being seen is enough for some. Personally, I believe prompt restitution is the most welcome of traditions.

Having given and received wrongdoings in life, I see both sides of afflicting each other we humans have been conditioned to expect and endure, to one degree or another. Why? Just because we have been led to believe that Hollywood ‘knows all’? No, more than that we have become systematically desensitized during the last century.

Add to that (and most instances of wrongdoing) the increased sense of separation. The breakdown of the family and community units caused by the “Great Centralizing” of all power reminds us to fear and loathe.

What about forgiveness. Does that not draw us closer and allow for a healing, growing community that may lead us to unity?

It feels good, too. Yes, being forgiven and allowing the room for at-one-ment with the community can truly heal souls.

No, Mr. Pope, I will not pay for my mistakes…I will earn them to correctness and conscious loving.

Blessons, Casey Teeter




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