A Chemtrail Christmas Eve

Little do they know our DNA is adapting and changing. It’s time to let in more light.

So here it is. In living in the Christ Light, we no longer fear their oppression. We are changing it. Voting with voice.

The wave is turning and slowing the last of the resistance to the darkness as we face it with light. God bless those on the ‘front line’ for us who are more fragile than they.

hmmm. Front line. Do you hear that much any more? Seems the Vatican has blurred all the lines there – Babylon advertising sin for sale. The light is being shed. Now that historians, psychologists, archaeologists are sharing laterally, we see the many world views of history coming to life in a smorgasboard of perspective. Finally we have a voice as well. Hm. May our light be brighter each day.

There are great examples of DisInfo propaganda as those who are simply still asleep. Learn to recognize it and stay educated. Help them awaken.

It’s election year and the Machine has owned MediaCorp for decades. And, subliminal messaging never went away; contrary to popular belief. May our awareness be multiliminal and, in that, knowing joy. Share your research, truth, love and hope to others.

#OccupyEducation covers the Law as well…what’s in the People’s Library? Let’s find out how we can help.

We are awake. We continue to grow along with our numbers.

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