Alternative Anarchy

Alternative Anarchy

By Cathy R. Taylor Croizier © 1997


Hit me upside the head

With the butt of your rifle

I get the message

Wake up and smell the reality

It’s coming again


Where are you going to

Where are you going to be

Prepared yet seeking an army

Ready to lay the fertility upon the land again

Yet seeking protection



A tribe

Can I be one amongst the many

That yearn to still the rage

That screams unto the one who really hears

Moving through

Not averting that which is ordained

By small actions misread on the surface

Of Mr. Clean’s wise brow

Spoon feed me politics

Spoon feed me health

Spoon feed that someone else is the law

Someone else is the Dr.

Someone else is the door to heaven

I refuse to consume these false promises

By false leaders

Using poisoned plastic spoons

To profit from the suffering incurred

In the name of someone else’s security

I won’t die slow

I won’t die stupid

And I won’t preach their truths

They won’t annihilate alternative anarchy

We grow strong under the surface

Waiting for our numbers to reach critical mass

April 20, 1997



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